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This is a wiki created by fans for the Chinese web novel First Class Servant.
First Class servant is a completed Chinese fantasy novel, written by the Chinese author 纯情犀利哥,
and is currently being mtled to English in website [Comrademao].
Warning: This wiki contains information that is NOT in the current translations

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== Synopsis[]

Have you ever seen a servant who is still more mad than the aristocrats? Have you ever seen a servant who is more arrogant than you? Have you seen a servant who is more aggressive than the emperor? Have you ever seen a servant who is hooked up with his own lady? Have you ever seen a servant who is sitting in a city full of water? As a modern man, Xu Feng has always been drunk and has a good reputation. However, because of accidents, he has re-emerged in different world as a servant, dandy, playing aristocrats and killing powerful people. He harass Xiao Family young lady , and hooks up with the rich and powerful ladies. myriad disaster. A First Class Servant


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